Dr. Ing. Igor Krasontovitsch


Since 1972, I have been working as a technical translator and interpreter, initially as a part time free-lancer and since 1994 as a full time free-lancer.

My practical and scientific education combined with my broad experience guarantee perfect translation both in technical and linguistic terms. My professional activity:

As an engineer

  • D. in engineering with more than 50 publications.
  • 20 years’ experience as an engineer, scientist and assistant professor.

As a translator / interpreter

  • More than 45 years’ experience (including 25 years in Germany as full-time freelancer).
  • Great number of projects, primarily in technical area.

professional                 responsible                  confidential


BHA Group GmbH (GE Energy)

We gladly confirm that you have been making technical translations for our company since 2002 and in 2003 translated from English into Russian the complete technical documentation for a project of precipitator modernization.

The technical documentation of several hundred pages included numerous construction drawings, part lists, different operation instructions and descriptions of various software products.

The translations were done fast, often under heavy time pressure, and were always finished on time and to our full satisfaction. The work was done in a close co-operation with different employees (in Europe and the USA); amendments and revision wishes were welcomed at any time and rapidly realised.

Translation Service Brigitte Mueller, Munich

Dear Mr. Dr. Krasontovitsch,
We gladly confirm that for many years you have been working for us as technical translator from German/English into Russian/Ukrainian – occasionally also from Russian/Ukrainian into German – in many sophisticated areas. We appreciate you as a free-lancer and also confirm that your translations have always been done conscientiously; they are linguistically excellent and always extremely precise and accurate renditions of the source text.

Particularly noteworthy is that your translations, which often had to be done under strong time pressure because of tight time constraints of clients, always are of outstanding quality. We can recommend you, dear Mr. Dr. Krasontovitsch, as conscientious technical translator for all areas without hesitation.

STREE & PARTNER International

We confirm gladly that Mr. Dr. Ing. (SU) Igor Krasontovitsch has been active for our company since January 1996 as technical translator from Germany into Russian/Ukrainian. His main focus are technical translations.

Mr. Dr. Krasontovitsch always translates the projects with great care. Apart from his technical competence we can especially emphasize that he always completes projects on schedule. In addition, we strongly appreciate that Mr. Dr. Krasontovitsch also keeps to short-term customer deadlines.

Dipl.-Ing. Jamal Karsli, AllaLingua Translation Service, Recklinghausen

The documentation of about 40 pages in the area of oil production and petrochemistry was successfully translated from German into Russian and proof-read by Mr. Krasontovitsch in two days. This job was done in co-operation with an engineer, a representative of our customer, in a most cooperative manner. The client strongly appreciated the excellent technical competence of Mr. Krasontovitsch.

Based on the complexity of the documentation and successful realisation of the job under time pressure we have established with certainty that Mr. Krasontovitsch is a highly qualified, reliable technical translator able to work under time pressure.

Theo Benning Elektrotechnik und Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

We thank you sincerely for your excellent translation work.