Technical Education


Graduation from the Kiev Automotive and Highway Institute. Specialisation: Mechanical Engineering


Ph. D., Kiev Automotive and Highway Institute, Vehicles Maintenance and Repair

Linguistic Education


3-year’s Foreign Language Course English, English Department, Ministry of Education, Kiev


3-year’s Foreign Language Course French, French Department, Ministry of Education, Kiev


German Language Course, Recklinghausen, Germany

Work experience as engineer, scientist and lecturer

1970 – 1973

Truck Designer, Reliability Group Engineer, R & D Automotive Transport Institute, Kiev

1973 – 1976

Post-graduate, Kiev Automotive and Highway Institute

1976 – 1981

Senior Scientific Worker, Maintenance & Repair Department, R & D Automotive Transport Institute, Kiev

1980 – 1981

Senior Scientific Worker, Investment Planning & Analysis Dept., Complex Transport Problems Institute, Kiev

1981 – 1992

Lecturer, Kiev Civil Engineering Institute
Teaching in „Construction Equipment Maintenance & Repair“ and „Business Administration & Management“.

Work experience as translator & interpreter

1972 – 1992

Technical Translator and Editor, Chamber of Commerce of the Ukraine, All-Union Centre of Translation, Kiev (moonlighting)


Freelance Technical Translator, Germany (full time)